Become A Member Of Super Heroes To Kids In Ohio


Help Us Make A Difference For Children Who Need It Most

You are just two easy steps away from becoming a member of Super Heroes To Kids In Ohio! Here is what you need to do....


Fill out the background check that literally takes 3 minutes (it is completely tax deductible.)

To ‘PAY’ just input ‘DONATE THE COST TO YOUR ORGANIZATION’ and put in your credit card information.  It is $18.99 and True-Hire will email you a receipt for tax purposes. The organization you are getting this for should say “Super Heroes To Kids In Ohio”. *Any questions about the background check itself can be answered by TRUE HIRE BACKGROUND CHECKS at 1-800-262-7301,


Sign and mail in the 3 short forms that we mail you after you have passed the background check (basic rules, waiver, and a no-compete/confidentiality agreement.)  There is a $25 annual maintenance fee to help cover group insurance through State Farm, patches, business cards, and any emergencies (checks can be made out to “Super Heroes To Kids In Ohio”.)  (This is also tax deductible.)  You will then be added to our ‘PRIVATE GROUP FACEBOOK SITE’ to schedule visits with our team of amazing people.  We are able to attend some incredible events for children and families.


It is that easy! We very much look forward to having you with us!


‘Super Heroes To Kids In Ohio’ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization not affiliated with Marvel, DC, Disney, or any other company.  All acts are done in a charitable tone.